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AdventurePro's Web Site Listing Guidelines

Our aim is to direct people to the information they want as quickly as possible.

Our policy is that the information outlined by a web page's title, description and keywords MUST ACCURATELY REFLECT THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON THAT PAGE, or not more than 1 mouse click away from the page, for all links provided by AdventurePro's Australian & New Zealand Outdoors Adventure Guide.

AdventurePro provides an edited directory, not a search engine. ALL sites are visited and reviewed by AdventurePro editors before being included in the guide.

'Add / Update a Site'...

Adding or Updating a Site allows more control over how your listing appears and faster submission processing.

It is essential that ALL information you provide (including keywords) is directly relevant to the page being added! e.g.please don't include canoeing as a keyword for a page about hiking/bushwalking.

AdventurePro staff will visit and review the site, usually within 7 days. You will be contacted if your site listing is accepted and successfully published.

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Adding Multiple Pages from the Same Site...

A website's content determines whether or not AdventurePro will include more than one page from the same site.

For example, a site that purely contains information about whitewater rafting tours will probably only get their homepage listed.

Sites offering a wider range of information should consider adding multiple pages.

For example, a site containing information about whitewater rafting tours and climbing tours could add a page for each.

But there are some restrictions;

  • You must be Advertising in The Guide to add multiple pages, limits apply based on your Advertising Level.
  • All information is to be provided via AdventurePro's 'add a site' form.
  • Each URL can be added only once.
  • Each URL must obviously belong to a different category.
  • Each Title must be unique within the site and accurately reflect the information on that page.
  • Each Description must be unique within the site and accurately reflect the information on that page.
  • ALL KEYWORDS MUST APPEAR ON THE PAGE BEING SUBMITTED! - Please Do Not use the same keywords for each URL
  • In most cases, listing multiple pages from the same site will result in the removal of the sites' homepage listing! This is in favour of more accurately categorised individual pages and prevents a site from receiving multiple listings in the same category.

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