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Website : http://www.adventurepro.com.au/outdoorjobs

SACS Consulting - Victoria, Australia

SACS is here to help you achieve your goals. Our role is to understand (or even help you develop) a clear idea of where you want to be, and then help you get there.

Website : http://www.sacsconsult.com.au

YMCA NSW - Australia

Outdoor education and camping programs have been a key part of YMCA NSW since 1937. Our sites are in unique locations, boast fantastic, modern facilities & a huge range of activity options. Our programs are personalised to meet the outcomes of your group and can be facilitated by our professional, qualified staff. Whether you are looking for a site for a fully facilitated school camp, a weekend retreat, a father & sons program or a school holiday camp, The Y has the perfect venue for you.

Website : http://www.ymcansw.org.au

Remote Safety Staffing Solutions - NSW, Australia

We can provide a range of staffing solutions to assist organisations in the management of varies outdoor recreation programs, remote area events and isolated worksites. With a network of industry leading guides available covering a range of activities, we can provide highly experienced and qualified staff for your next program or event.

Website : http://www.remotesafety.com.au/#!staffing/c2lr

Outdoors NSW

The peak body for the outdoors in NSW, the organisation, (formerly known as ORIC), represents the outdoor community, advances outdoor standards, safety and practices, and fosters greater participation in the outdoors.

Website : http://outdoorsnsw.org.au

Remote Safety Solutions - NSW, Australia

RSS is a Sydney based consultancy company that specialises in remote area workplace management. Our services range from designing, training in and reviewing safety systems, highlighting awareness for thorough risk management systems and development of risk systems as well as offering a range of other complementary services e.g. remote area workplace training and gear procurement services.

Website : http://www.remotesafety.com.au

GBS specialises in the recruitment of permanent, temporary and contract staff from shop floor to executive positions across industrial and commercial within Gippsland and regional Victoria.

Website : https://www.gbsrecruitment.com.au

Queensland Government Smart Jobs - Australia

This recruitment portal is your gateway to a wide range of positions on offer in the Queensland Government.

Website : https://www.smartjobs.qld.gov.au

ORIC is the state peak body for outdoor recreation, representing to the community, industries and levels of government, the views and needs of outdoor recreation and tourism operators, educators and leaders, as well as organisations that support leadership. You'll find information on a broad range of outdoor topics and news and resources relevant to those involved in outdoor activities, whether as operators, leaders, instructors, participants or resource managers.

Website : http://www.oric.org.au

Tangentyere Council operates a wide range of services and programs for Aboriginal people in Central Australia. While Tangentyere Council’s role developed initially around tenure, housing and essential services for town camp residents in the 1970s and 1980s, it quickly developed to encompass a range of family, community and social services to which people in town camps did not otherwise have access.

Website : http://www.tangentyere.org.au