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Run Larapinta is a 4 day, 4 stage trail running race along the most spectacular sections of the iconic Larapinta Trail in Australias Northern Territory. Boundless beauty, breathless exuberance, day-old friendships that will last for years and the unspoilt grandeur of a landscape that transcends time. This is an extraordinary run that should be on every bucket list.

Website : http://rapidascent.com.au/runlarapinta/

The Trail Running Series presented by The North Face takes your running off-road with a series of popular races at breath-taking wilderness locations within a 1hr drive from Melbourne. Each of the five events in The Series includes a short, medium and long course race. We are excited to launch 2 new race locations, new kids runs and a range of new ideas for 2017 to add to your trail running fun

Website : http://www.rapidascent.com.au/TrailRunningSeries/

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