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Wild Mob - Australia

We take volunteers on adventures to the world's most beautiful islands, to save endangered species and restore their habitats.

Website : http://www.wildmob.org

We are responsible for the sustainable management and protection of Tasmania's natural and cultural assets for the benefit of Tasmanian communities and the economy.

Website : http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au

A non-profit community group dedicated to revegetation and the protection of threatened and valuable bushland in South Australia

Website : http://www.treesforlife.org.au

Live Australian coastal surf and bay information. Surf cams, weather stations and much more coastal information than any other Austalian internet site.

Website : http://www.coastalwatch.com.au

We operate throughout the Surfcoast. Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne as well as running snorkelling tours on the Bellarine Peninsula. St Leonards, Portarlington and Clifton Springs

Website : http://www.ecologic.net.au

The primary goal of these organisations is to preserve the sustainable environment with the various ecological assessment techniques and provide a detailed report as to what are the necessary steps that need to be undertaken to preserve the environment.assessment techniques and provide a detailed report as to what are the necessary steps that need to be undertaken to preserve the environment.

Website : http://www.tocomwall.com.au

The Department for Environment and Heritage internet site explains the State's environmental assets and issues as well as the environmental challenges which are being tackled by the South Australian State Government including pollution prevention, flora and fauna conservation and heritage preservation

Website : http://www.environment.sa.gov.au

ASEN is a national collective of autonomous campus environment groups. The prime role of ASEN is to co-ordinate communication between campus environment groups in order to facilitate collective effort across a range of campaigns and projects

Website : http://www.asen.org.au

A unique whale and dolphin learning experience.

Website : http://www.oceania.org.au/expedition/expedition.html