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Locked Topic For Sale Rules & Guidelines -- PLEASE Read Before Advertising or Commenting! (Read 3,748 times)
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For Sale Rules & Guidelines -- PLEASE Read Before Advertising or Commenting!
May 10th, 2012 at 11:41pm
We want a fun and friendly place to Buy, Sell and Swap anything to do with outdoor adventure in Australia and New Zealand!. We really don't want to burden down the board with a boatload of rules to enforce, so we are keeping things pretty chill and giving you guys a lot of leash. It will also be up to you as well to police the board and keep it under control, think of it as "Your Turf".

If you have any issues at all please do not hesitate to email AdventurePro and let us know what's up.


1. Let the buyer beware!

2. It's not the job of people viewing posts to advise sellers or buyers of appropriate pricing or potential buyers of alternative deals or products... let the market decide for itself what is the correct price for the items on offer!

If you don't like a price or offer, do your research make an offer and remember sellers are not compelled to sell at your preferred price in a non-auction environment.

3. Don't comment on items for sale or offers made unless you are directly involved in the transaction!

ALWAYS play nicely and be friendly, if you really must tell someone "they're dreaming", do it in a PM or email --- not a public post as this is considered a major breach of these rules / guidelines and you may well end up being permanently banned --- Abusive PM's or emails will also get you into trouble!

4. For sale thread "bumping" more frequently than once a week will result in removal of your for sale thread!

5. As always, PERSONAL ADS ONLY --- unless your organisation is currently Advertising with AdventurePro!


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via for further information or assistance.

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