World Expeditions Expands Carbon Offset Program


By World Expeditions
February 03, 2016

Leading Australian adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions, has expanded its Carbon offset program to be available to all clients internationally.

World Expeditions Expands Carbon Offset Program. Copyright World Expeditions 2016. All rights reserved.

The program, which World Expeditions first offered to its Australian clients in 2010, has contributed almost $150,000 so far to offset projects.

It works by inviting clients to ‘opt in’ and offset the carbon emissions from their air travel.  World Expeditions partners with Climate Friendly, which administers the program by supporting global renewable projects. Current projects are located in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Cambodia.

World Expeditions Responsible Travel Manager, Donna Lawrence, said the carbon offset program is a core component of the company’s Responsible Travel policy.

“We believe that it is our obligation as a responsible travel company to make this option available to travellers,” Ms Lawrence said.  “It’s important that those travellers who are concerned about climate change are able to offset some of the carbon produced by their air travel.”

“It’s about recognizing that our travel produces carbon, and choosing to do something to help balance the scales by supporting projects that address global warming,” she said.

According to Freddy Sharpe, CEO at Climate Friendly, World Expeditions and its customers have been supporting carbon offset projects for many years.

World Expeditions Expands Carbon Offset Program. Copyright World Expeditions 2016. All rights reserved.

“This support not only assists in addressing climate change but also delivers meaningful social, environmental and economic benefits,” he said.  “As travel continues its rapid growth right around the globe, responsible travel is critical to addressing the social, environmental and economic impacts it creates.”

How does it work?

International carbon projects such as fuel efficient cook stoves, forest conservation, and wind farms, are able to access carbon finance to support cleaner energy and a better environment for their communities.

Climate Friendly purchases carbon credits from accredited projects around the world. Projects are chosen based on the reduction in greenhouse gases they allow and the social benefits they provide to communities.  World Expeditions then purchases a selection of credits from Climate Friendly.

Funds currently support the following Climate Friendly projects:

Forest Conservation in Zimbabwe

Past the past 20 years, one third of Zimbabwe's forests have been cleared to create farm land and for wood.  When forests are cleared, not only does carbon absorption cease, but also the carbon stored in the trees is released into the atmosphere as CO2 when the wood is burned or rots. The Kariba Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Forest is the world's largest forest conservation project, covering 785,000 hectares of forest.

Fuel efficient cookstoves and water purifiers in Kenya and Cambodia

World Expeditions Expands Carbon Offset Program. Copyright World Expeditions 2016. All rights reserved.


Open fire cooking that is used in many developing countries like Kenya and Cambodia, can be harmful to public health (equates to smoking 40 cigarettes a day), as well as releasing greenhouse gases.  Efficient cook stoves require much less fuel and emit less smoke and water purifiers eliminate the use of wood fires to purify water.

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