Park Management Notification - Deer aerial shooting trial


By Parks Victoria
September 27, 2018

Parks Victoria will be implementing a deer aerial shooting trial in the Mt Buffalo and Alpine National Parks in October 2018.
A significant expansion of deer populations in the Alpine and Mt Buffalo National Parks has been observed over the past decade, including increasing signs of deer activity and impacts at higher elevations.
In response, Parks Victoria has implemented a deer control trial to determine the most efficient, effective and humane techniques for managing deer. The focus to date has been on ground-shooting. Parks Victoria is now adding aerial shooting to the trial.
Parks Victoria will use the results of the trial to help determine the best combination of deer control techniques for different areas and circumstances. These results will then be used to guide the development of an ongoing, sustainable, landscape scale deer control plan for the alps.
The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW NPWS) have been using aerial shooting to control deer in Kosciuszko National Park for several years and have reported positive results. Parks Victoria has drawn on the expertise of NSW NPWS to plan its operation.
The trial will be conducted in Mt Buffalo National Park, north west of Mount Buffalo Road, and two areas of the Alpine National Park - the area around Mt Feathertop, east of Harrietville, and the area around Mt Pinnibar, near Tom Groggin. No shooting will occur within 300m of the Deer Control Area boundary.
Buffalo deer aerial shooting trial. Copyright Parks Victoria 2018. All rights reserved.
The trial will take place over 3 4 days between 8th October and 26th October 2018 (only on week days). The exact dates will depend on the weather.
Buffalo deer aerial shooting trial. Copyright Parks Victoria 2018. All rights reserved.
The areas of the parks subject to shooting will be closed for the 3 4 days that shooting occurs. No main roads will be closed. For example, the Mount Buffalo Road and the Great Alpine Road will remain open.
Buffalo deer aerial shooting trial. Copyright Parks Victoria 2018. All rights reserved.
While the shooting areas will be closed, large areas of both parks will remain open to visitors, including Lake Catani Campground, the Horn, the Gorge and the Chalet, Lakeside Day Visitor Area and Dingo Dell on Mt Buffalo, and Mt Bogong and the Bogong High Plains in the Alpine National Park. The Tom Groggin Camping Area, in the adjacent Kosciuszko National Park, will also remain open. Mt Hotham, Falls Creek and Dinner Plain will not be affected.
Only deer will be targeted.
The trial will be undertaken by accredited and experienced shooters who will adhere to strict protocols to ensure the safety of park users and animal welfare.
If you have any questions about this project please contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963

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