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We are looking for motivated staff who want to help us develop our brand in this new environment.

Where?: Forster, NSW, Australia

Website: http://www.adventureland.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 19.03.2019

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Adventureland Forster - Activity Instructor

We are looking for someone who believes that by providing a superior support service leads to exceeding customer expectations.

Where?: South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Website: http://www.weareworldchallenge.com/australasia

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 21.03.2019

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World Challenge - Operational Support Technician

Lead Australian & New Zealand school teams on up to one month long, student led, life changing expeditions to 40+ stunning global destinations.

Where?: 40+ stunning global destinations

Website: http://www.weareworldchallenge.com/Australasia

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 24.03.2019

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World Challenge - Expedition Leaders from Australia & NZ

Do you want to be valued as an Outdoor Professional, not an employee number on a list- then Auscamp is the company for you! We are looking for skilled Program Managers and Guides for 2019.

Where?: Multiple locations throughout Victoria, Australia

Website: http://www.auscamp.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 31.03.2019

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Auscamp - Experienced Program Managers and Guides for 2019

We are one of the leading Outdoor Education companies in NSW and we have recently developed a new activity centre and have a number of positions available starting in 2017.

Where?: Douglas Park, NSW, Australia

Website: http://www.nepeanadventurecentre.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 19.04.2019

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Nepean Adventure Centre - Campsite Manager

We are one of the leading Outdoor Education companies in NSW and are looking for highly motivated people to join our team at Morisset and Gosford.

Where?: Morisset, NSW, Australia

Website: http://www.outdoorednsw.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 19.04.2019

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Outdoor Education NSW - Activity Instructor

Casual/Part Time Sea Kayak Instructor required for mainly weekend work from October 2018 to April 2019 with Sea Kayak Australia.

Where?: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Website: http://www.seakayakaustralia.com

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 30.03.2019

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Sea Kayak Australia - Sea Kayak Guide/Instructor

Guides are a critical part of our business, delivering tours to our contracted trade partners and guests. Each group is different and we welcome visitors from all over the globe wanting to explore the culture, flora and fauna of the Larapinta Trail.

Where?: Central Australia

Website: http://www.wayoutback.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 30.03.2019

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Walking Country - Tour Guides, Trekking Leaders and Support Staff

As an activity instructor you will be required to lead and facilitate adventurous activities and multiday programs for primary and high school students, youth groups, corporate, private, scouting and girl guides groups.

Where?: Appin, NSW, Australia

Website: http://cataract.nsw.scouts.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 05.04.2019

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Cataract Scout Park - Activity Instructor

On our camps, we have a wide range of activities and games throughout our program - many that you can learn (team works games, relay challenges etc) and some that require specialist instructors - such as sailing, rafting, snorkelling etc.

Where?: Mosman, NSW, Australia

Website: http://www.adventurecamp.com.au

Closing Date (dd.mm.yyyy): 08.04.2019

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Adventure Camp - Become an Adventure Camp Instructor!