Albert River

Luscombe Weir to Stanmore Road

Verified! Easy Touring CLASS I CLASS II


South East Queensland. 15km Beenleigh

Contributed by Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


Class: I / II

Length: 4.2km

Level: The Bromfleet gauge provides a rough guide (0.26 – 0.40m) only. Two to five centimetres of water over Luscombe Weir usually gives a good low-level trip. At levels above about 0.55m the Grade 1 rapids are almost completely washed out.

Gauge: Bromfleet gauge

Character: The rapids (mainly Grade 1 with one easy Grade 2)

Suits: Kayaks

This is a short (4.2km) trip that can be easily done in a couple of hours. The rapids (mainly Grade 1 with one easy Grade 2) are all in the first 900 metres with the rest of the run to the finish being on flat water.

The upper section is quite fast and narrow and fallen trees can often be a problem – for this reason it is recommended that this trip be done only at low levels and with care.

The best feature of this run is the beauty of the surrounding flora – lush rain forest vegetation abounds along the banks even though eucalyptus are the predominant species of this area.

Smaller plastic touring kayaks may be used on this section if levels are not too high.

Stanmore Road play wave: Novice paddlers looking to hone their play skills can have some fun on the wave immediately downstream of the old Stanmore Road causeway crossing.

Water running through pipes under the road creates a shallow but relatively safe wave that can be useful for practicing basic play manoeuvres.

Novices should not put in if water is flowing over the top of the road. A very minimum of 0.40m on the Bromfleet gauge is needed and the wave works best when unaffected by tidal back-flow ie it should be avoided in the hour either side of high tide (or longer if the tide height is over 2.00m).

Don’t stray too far below the wave as there are many barely-submerged rocks just downstream ready to snag the unwary paddler.

Putting In: A short track from a make-shift parking area just off Veivers Road at Wolffdene leads down to the pool below Luscombe Weir.

Taking Out: The old causeway crossing just upstream of Stanmore Road bridge at Luscombe.

Entry Date: April 29 2009

Verified Date: April 10 2012

Verified by: Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


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