Albert River

Chardon Bridge Road to Luscombe Weir

Verified! Flatwater Paddling Summer Autumn Winter Spring CLASS I


South East Queensland. Luscombe

Contributed by Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


Class: I (p)

Length: 3.7kms

Level: No Min - best avoided at levels above about 0.35m on the Bromfleet gauge.

Gauge: Bromfleet

Character: Flat pools separated by occasional grade 1 gravel race rapids.

Suits: Touring Canoes & Kayaks

It is 3.7kms down to Luscombe Weir with the last 800m being on the weirís immediate catchment. Even though the first 2.9kms of this run consists of flat pools separated by occasional grade 1 gravel race rapids, this trip is in the Flat Water Trips section because it is unlikely you will actually get to paddle any / much fast water.

Donít be fooled by the enticing views downstream from the put-in; the frequency of fallen trees and overhanging limbs in the first three quarters of this trip means you will spend much of your time dragging, lifting, ducking and scrambling with your boat rather than paddling it.

Whilst it doesnít much matter what type of craft you take, obviously the shorter and lighter the better. Those not too distracted by the physical exertion may even notice that the riparian vegetation along the banks is really quite pretty.

As most of the paddling is on deep pools there is really no minimum water level requirement, however this run is probably best avoided at levels above about 0.35m on the Bromfleet gauge. Ideally Luscombe Weir should be at full capacity.

Those looking for a short and relaxing half-day paddling trip SHOULD NOT consider this run. However, if you feel like a short bushwalk and donít mind the extra effort involved in lugging a kayak along to get you through the deeper bits, then this might be just the trip for you.

Putting In: A short stony track on river right just downstream (north east) of the Chardon Bridge Road crossing.

Taking Out: The river banks at Luscombe Weir are quite steep and it is usually easiest to get out next to the fish ladder beside the spillway. Carry your boat down the fish ladder and follow an indistinct track along the bank until it veers up to an informal parking area off Veivers Road. Warning: Stay well clear of the weir spillway at all times and donít even think about paddling over it as shallow concrete footings at the base could cause serious injury.

Entry Date: 04 April 2011

Verified Date: 04 April 2011

Verified by: Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


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