Arm River

Arm Falls

Verified! Steep Creek Advanced Waterfalls CLASS V


West Coast. Mole Creek

Contributed by Daniel Harris


Class: V+

Season: All year round

Time: 2 hours

Length: 10km

Level: Assess on site

Shuttle: Nil

Character: Park and huck

Suits: Boats suited to vertical flight

Easy walk to a very sweet waterfall with a deep pool. Can also paddle from the falls down to the road. Is basically a very rocky grade 2 creek, with some technical grade 3 bits, takes about 30 min.

I would like to add to the comment that the section upstream is very pretty g3 creeking with a g5+ gorge (portaged) just before the falls. And also another 2k of g2 after the falls to the c171 road, which is where the gauge is.

Arm River, Arm Falls. Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Putting In: The put in is about 8k upstream at a bridge on arm river road or walk in about 3k upstream at cattlegrid on the road (flat from bridge to that point).

Taking Out: Take out at falls or paddle 2k of fast g2 to the C171 road at lkm parangana.

Camping: At the Arm River Camp or at the weir near the road.

Entry Date: 14 October 2003

Verified Date: 9 December 2003

Verified by: Tim Wallace

Comments: Can verify the Arm falls write up. There is a very fun & committing looking gorge upstream that probably warrants attention, and a gauge exists at the weir above the road bridge, 2km below the falls. 0.95m was ideal.


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