Barwon River

Buckley's Falls

Verified! Intermediate Play Boating Waterfalls Winter Rain Run!


Central. Geelong - 5 km west of city centre

Contributed by Tim Wallace


Class: III

Season: Winter - Whenever it rains - Whenever there is a flood warning on the Barwon

Time: 30 mins

Length: 1 km

Level: >1.3m

Gauge: Pollocksford

Shuttle: None

Character: Big Volume Falls

Suits: River Running Boats

The white water on the Barwon River starts at a small weir approximately 500m above 'Buckley's Falls'.

The Weir can be surfed and a few more easy rapids follow until the obvious horizon line of Buckley's Falls.

The falls are not hard but being upside-down could be painful so be careful. Below the falls is an excellent 200m long (class III) rapid, followed by a couple of hundred meters of flat water then another 100m long (class II) rapid.

We did it at 1.5m and the play was OK but not brilliant. It looks like that at different levels different features will open up, so check it out.

Take outs and put ins are best worked out using a Melways - all the rapids are marked and it involves driving around the back streets of Geelong.

The rapid below Buckley’s falls has apparently been used for slalom in the past.

Davo July 10, 2014 - Tried to run the easy line river left but became unstuck due to the low level (1m @ Pollocksford). The run down to the mill was fun. Will have to hope it rains more and give the falls another crack! Much easier to shuttle now the new estate has opened up access.

Putting In: Check Melways for Geelong area

Taking Out: Check Melways for Geelong area

Map: Melways

Camping: None known

Entry Date: 11 September 2003

Verified Date: 30 September 2003

Verified by: Pete Wallis


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