Behana Creek

Clamshell Falls

Verified! Steep Creek Advanced Summer Spring CLASS IV CLASS V


North Queensland. Gordonville

Contributed by David Kneen


Class: IV+(p)

Season: Spring and Summer

Gradient: 80m per km, for 1st km then easing rapidly

Level: Visual

Shuttle: Walk in

Character: Steep Granite Creeking

Suits: Creek Boats

Surely one of the jewels in the crown of FNQ boating, the Behana is a brilliant and picturesque run.

The first drop below Clamshell falls is a classic 30 m slot, ending with a 4 m drop! Below, the action comes thick and fast for the next km, with a few large individual drops despite the super steep gradient.

Everything is clean and good, although we did portage one early drop; a rockslide into cushion / slot that is possible undercut.

Awesome granite boulders with crystal clear water, sweet lines and easy access - wicked. Allow plenty of time for photography / videography!

Behana Gorge - Cairns Australia from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.

Behana from Jarred Atkin on Vimeo.

Behana Gorge Kayaking Cairns. © Kristian Weldon 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Putting In: Clamshell Falls. Just south of Gordonville turn off the Bruce Hwy to park at the cairns-water dept gate. Walk up the obvious concrete paved road for 40 mins to the falls. Apparently the go, but we put in above the obvious 30m slot rapid.

Taking Out: It's possible to paddle back to where you left the car, but after the gradient eases the river divides. Below here it's all a bit bony and we soon walked out to the road and back to the cars.

Camping: No camping at take out, scout for wood after floods.

Entry Date: 23 April 2004

Verified Date: 25 May 2006

Verified by: Shaun McManamny


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