Blicks River

Hyland Rd turn off to above Dundurrabin

Verified! Steep Creek Insane! Summer Autumn CLASS IV CLASS V


Northern Tablelands and Northern Rivers. 80km East of Coffs Harbour

Contributed by Brian Cork (taken from his ‘Steep Creeks on the Dorrigo Plateau’)


Class: IV- V (P)

Season: Between December and May depending on the season with Easter usually being a fair bet for good water levels. This river often gets different rain episodes than other Dorrigo Plateau creeks

Gradient: The gradient of the river averages about 45m/km, dropping from about 1030m to 700m in altitude.

Length: 15km

Level: The best water levels are between 1.1m and 1.3m at Dundurrabin.

Gauge: On river right, about 200m upstream of the Dundurrabin bridge on the Armidale – Grafton Rd

Character: This is the steepest, narrowest and most dangerous section mentioned on the Blicks.

Suits: Creek Boats

This is a popular river with most groups paddling the section from Dundarrabin to the Nymboida River, near Platypus Flat. The sections higher up offer paddling of a high quality and difficulty but require more rain to flow. Higher put in points can be found on the Merango Rd from Hernani or from any other road that goes down to the river such as the un-named road that leaves the Armidale-Grafton road at GR521551. Water levels can be most easily seen from the bridge on the Armidale-Grafton road, near Dundurrabin.

Paddling on the upper sections is quite serious with many rapids up to grade 6 in standard. Tree also pose a problem on several sections.

This is a very serious section of river, suitable only for experienced paddlers. Paddling is canyon style with most of the river being less than a boat length wide. This would make this section extremely dangerous if the water level is over the river banks. Many of the rapids require scouting with up to a total of about 12 portage’s around big drops. Most of the paddling is of grade 4-5 standard with paddlers needing to be able to run drops of up to 4m. Some of the larger rapids are impossible to portage.

Putting In: Hyland Rd turnoff. (I don’t know where this is, maybe someone can clarify- JulesA)

Taking Out: The take out point is on the track at GR520566 (Dun).

Map: Merango 1:25000, Dundurrabin 1:25000

Entry Date: 4th July 2001


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