Bradys Slalom

Bronte Lagoon to Bradys lake

Unverified! Intermediate Play Boating Dam Release CLASS III


Central Highlands. Wayatinah Village

Contributed by Nathan Campbell


Class: III

Season: All Year

Gradient: Steep

Time: 10 min

Length: 200m

Level: 15 - 45 cumecs

Shuttle: Dirt road running the length of the run.

Character: Fast moving with big holes

Suits: All WW boats

Designed by a fluid mechanics engineer, Bradys slalom was constructed as a competition kayaking course making use of the water that needed to be moved between two lakes. The international kayaking community deemed the course too difficult and dangerous for competition shortly after construction.

There is a powerful hydraulic generated by the spilling water which is very dangerous. The course decreases in difficulty with more water. All bar the first hole named Jibbers that grows considerably. It can easily be avoided if you donít want to shoot it.

There is a chute to the right called the chicken shoot. It bypasses the cruncher. The cruncher is a steep drop with a minor one foot two tear lead in. The wall on the right is notorious for flipping rafts. There is a large eddy on river right that is hard to avoid at the bottom. It has a very powerful eddy fence and at high water can flip a raft trying to break out into the flow.

There is a feature called the cheese grater that sits in the middle of the cruncher producing a fat rooster tail. Keep as high in the water as you can if you swim it. Doing it upside down in a kayak is asking for trouble. So my advice is donít - unless you are wearing a face mask which is quite common with many kayakers that shoot it.

From here down is Melafont street. It is a mildly technical stretch of consecutive stoppers. This passes out under the walkway bridge into the largest stopper on Melafont street before you hit Bradys lake.

comments: This is a taster for big water. If you came across it on a remote river it would be classed a low grade 4, but due accessibility it is bumped down to a solid 3. You can walk the whole length and scout all the rapids before putting in and select points to setup safety.

Putting In: This is on the main highway between Hobart and Queenstown

Taking Out: Same as put in

Camping: Plenty of camping spots around the lake

Entry Date: 22 February 2005


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