Brisbane River

Oxley Creek

Verified! Flatwater Paddling Summer Autumn Winter Spring


South East Queensland. Brisbane

Contributed by Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


Class: Flat water

Length: 19km

Level: Paddle with the tides

Character: Tidal flatwater

Suits: Touring kayaks, touring canoes

This run is best suited to those seeking a solid day paddle or workout type trip of about 19km (return) in length.

It is recommended that paddlers time this trip with the tides touring kayak paddlers who leave the ramp just under 2 hours before low tide (longer for slower boats or paddlers) should reach the creek mouth just as the tide is turning and can then return on a flowing tide.

The creek has some interesting features but is mangrove lined for most of the way and is not as scenic as some of the other side creeks that feed into this river.

Intermediate access points can be a problem: Cliveden Avenue canoe pontoon (2.5km downstream) has usable canoe access but kayakers may need assistance to stabilize their craft; Nosworthy Park (4.2km further downstream) is a slippery, muddy mess while the Pamphlett Bridge access (another 2.9km further on) near the creek mouth is nearly as bad at low tide.

Indeed even the Kendall Street ramp can be very slippery and requires care when entering and leaving the water, particularly at low tide.

On an incoming tide keen explorers can continue upstream past the Kendall Street ramp (watch out for overhanging vegetation) until the water peters out near the perimeter of Archerfield Airport.

Simon Carter January 01, 2015 - Section: Cliveden Avenue to Oxley Common Big Red Shed

After a resent storm I tried to paddle down the river from Cliveden Avenue after launching and paddling a 100m the creek was impassable by large gum trees across the river. I portage around the first two and re-launched to be blocked again by another gum tree, lifted the canoe out and hiked back to Cliveden Avenue.

I believe this part of the river is going to be block for the foreseeable future.

Putting In: The canoe ramp in the parkland off Kendall Street Oxley

Taking Out: The canoe ramp in the parkland off Kendall Street Oxley

Entry Date: June 19 2009

Verified Date: June 19 2009

Verified by: Acacia Canoe Sales and Hire


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