Broad River


Unverified! Intermediate Winter Rain Run! CLASS IV


South-West. Hamilton

Contributed by James Thorp


Class: IV

Season: Winter - Whenever it rains

Gradient: 80m per 1km

Time: 3 Hours

Length: 5 km

Level: Need rain in the southwest, check rainfall report for Tasmania

Gauge: Take out bridge, if it is level with bridge base on river right itís a good level, could go an inch lower or higher.

Shuttle: 15 min on good dirt road

Character: Fun clean creek run only 1.5 hours from Hobart

Suits: Creek boats

If you survive the walk in you will love this gem of a run. Starts quickly so get onto it. Should come across a tree in the first 500m, better duck. Anyway from there it drops, there are about 6 good drops in about 500m of paddling none are over 4m but most are rocky with technical lines. All the rapids are runnable on this section. After the last main drop(called THE DEATH STAR) the river flattens out and the run is fun or just damn rocky depending on the water level from this point on.

This run is creekboating so make sure your switched on or at least driving some fat plastic or you could get flogged.

Do not get in too high unless you are keen for a solid class 5 epic on the upper Broad.

Putting In: Drive up the Derwent to Hamilton, from there head out of town, cross the narrow bridge over the lake then take the first dirt road on the right, head along this until you find the takeout bridge. The put in is about 10min drive up the same road, (but take the left road at the fork about 4min upstream of the bridge) look for a broken piece of machinery on the left hand side of the road and a very small carpark on the right (this is about 1km up from the white gate). From here you must bash down to the river, the track is marked for a little bit but it is mainly just a bush bash until you hit the river.

Taking Out: Take out at the bridge.

Map: Unknown

Camping: No details avaliable

Entry Date: 25 July 2003


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