Corang River

Verified! Steep Creek Advanced Waterfalls Summer Autumn Rain Run! CLASS IV


Southern Coast. 2 hrs North East of Canberra

Contributed by Mark Killip


Class: IV(p)

Season: Late summer

Gradient: Steep

Time: 2 hours, allow time for photos

Level: Look over the bridge, if there is a reasonable amount of water going under it, paddle. Hillview 1m+

Gauge: Hillview or under bridge

Shuttle: 1 hour

Character: Cool pool drop stuff.

Suits: Short white water boats - suit creek boats

I have paddled the whole thing, one drop is usually portaged. You will get to a steep section, just scout everything is shallow, but paddleable.

If it is up, I will paddle the Corang as a preference unless the Shoalhaven is over 1.5m (then I will paddle the Shoalhaven). The first few km's are full of bushes, some choose to walk around them, I could squeeze between them last year (2002)

From where the Corang meets the Shoalhaven, paddle down the Shoalhaven to the Powerlines and get out there, unless your into pain, then paddle out to Tallowa dam in your playboat.

Allen Garda 18, May 2011 - Me and some mates paddled this section last year. A link to my Blog Post about our trip down the Corang River.

Putting In: Drive from Oalen ford to Nerriga, you will drive over it about 2 mins after.

Taking Out: See Shoalhaven

Map: Nerriga, Corang or Enderick

Camping: Oalen Ford

Entry Date: 10 April 2003

Verified Date: 18 May 2011

Verified by: Allen Garda


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