Darebin Creek

Bell Street to Yarra River

Verified! Intermediate Winter Spring Rain Run! CLASS III


Central Victoria. Central Melbourne

Contributed by David Matters & Rodney Fraser


Class: III

Season: Winter through till Spring

Length: 5km

Level: 0.7 and above @ the Bell Street gauge - 0.760 m on the visual Bell Street gauge = 0.560m on the automatic Bundoora gauge

Gauge: Upstream side of Bell St Bridge

Shuttle: Bell Street - Latrobe Golf Course ( Park outside of gates)

Character: Fun wave train for 5 km

Suits: Play Boat / River Runner

Darebin Creek flows predominately north south rising between Merriang and Woodstock just out of Melbourne.

By putting on here you start at the gauge and paddle a surprisingly fun wave train express to the mouth of the Yarra River for around 5kms. Although the creek is surprising clear of debris, thanks to the Friends of Darebin Creek one should take care as this is a creek and it can become log jammed easily.

Points to note don’t drink the water! Like Gardner’s Creek its’ flow is mainly storm water from the surrounding areas, and can only be paddled after large local storms.

There are a couple of bigger rapids of grade 3.. These rapids appear in order. After heavy rains about ½ km from Bell Street on river right there is a do - able seal launch double drop of around 10m down a concrete slide. (Alternative put in at Clarendon Street Melways ref: B6. There is also a gauge here.)

The rapid underneath the Abercorn Ave foot- bridge may be tricky at high levels and is of grade 3 standard. Trees need negotiating. Start river right above bridge and cross over river left above big willow tree and on through holes. Melways ref- C8.

The other main hazard en route to the Yarra is at Rockbeare Reserve D9, there is an extremely stupid low foot- bridge that at high levels is ugly. This can be paddled around far right. As you pass underneath the very high Train Bridge at Alphington you are nearing the end of your trip. There is one last rapid just before the mouth, this rapid is made up of little steps, great surfing waves and is a nice way to end a surreal paddling experience.

Must be one of the only trips were the shuttle can be done in a hot wired golf buggy.

Putting In: Drive to Bell Street Bridge

Taking Out: Park outside the LaTrobe Golf Club

Map: Melways

Camping: None

Entry Date: 9th November 2004

Verified by: Taran


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