Don River

Denny's Gorge

Unverified! Advanced Winter Spring Rain Run! CLASS IV


West Coast. Devenport

Contributed by Daniel Harris


Class: IV(p)

Season: Winter - Spring

Gradient: Steep

Time: 1 hour

Level: Flood Only

Gauge: Should be about 5 foot of room between water and bottom of the bridge.

Shuttle: Easy

Character: Rocky steep creeking

Suits: Creek boats

Awesome little trip, very close to Devonport. Needs heavy rain.

First up you have a grade 3, then the major rapid, which is Big Dog, difficult approach with a very technical move to land on a big drop (grade 5).

Next major rapid is Little Dog, which is a straight forward grade 4.

There are two other, much easier grade 4 rapids and three or four grade 3's.

Then a couple of kilometres of flat water to get out.

Don't drink the water!

River has only been run twice, but it is very worthwhile. If you hurry you might still get a first descent on Big Dog.

The portage for Big Dog is around the right at water level, need to wade at one point, use paddle to check depth.

Putting In: Drive south from Devonport towards Sheffield - just before crossing the Don River, you'll cross a small creek with a white rail bridge called coal creek. Get in there or keep on going to the Don and paddle a bit more flat water.

Taking Out: Head from Devonport towards Sheffield. Just after leaving Spreyton turn right towards Eugenana then take the first left (Busters Road). Take out is the bridge over the river about 1/2 km from turn off.

Entry Date: 11 September 2003


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