Hollands Creek

Ford's Bridge to Hume & Hovell Memorial

Unverified! Intermediate Advanced Winter Spring Rain Run! CLASS III CLASS IV


North North East Victoria. Near Mansfield.

Contributed by Dave Matters & Rodney Fraser


Class: III+

Season: Winter and Spring after heavy local rain

Time: 3 hours

Length: 6 km

Level: 3+ metres. Drops quickly!

Shuttle: Bitumen riverside road access most of the way

Character: Fast flowing creek through open woodland and farmlands

Suits: Most white water craft

Hollands Creek flows from the sub alpine hills of Toombullup from an elevation of 1000m.

We paddled it on a hunch that something would transpire and weren't disappointed.

This section spills out of the remote forest valley after most of the gradient has been lost.

There are 4 notable larger rapids of grade 3/4 on this section, linked by constant grade 1 & 2 rapids for most of the trip. The last of these rapids is right at the takeout made obvious by the steep left rocky bank, seen from the road.

This can be inspected by an easy 20m walk through a paddock (respectfully). I mention this as we decided on the day we were there not to run this rapid because of the keeper at the exit of the rapid. At lower levels this may not be such an issue.


Very user friendly as the road follows the river the entire length never more than a couple of hundred metres away.

This trip could make a worth while variation to a Delatite River weekend as the standard is very similar, (if not better) with slightly bigger rapids and isn't choked by willows.

Holland's level rises and falls quite quickly but if you notice rain in the Mansfield region take a glance at the Hollands @ Kalfeera gauge.

Putting In: Ford's Bridge

Taking Out: Hume & Hovell Memorial near Wrightley

Map: VicMap, Whitfield 8124-s

Camping: Camping at Ford's bridge or campground upstream of Ford's bridge.

Entry Date: July 29, 2016


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