Macalister River

Barkly River to Licola

Verified! Easy Touring Intermediate Winter Spring Rain Run! CLASS II


Gippsland. 50 km north of Traralgon

Contributed by Michael Lyons


Class: II

Season: Winter to Spring

Time: full day

Length: 15 km

Level: >1m

Gauge: Licola

Shuttle: 25 km Dirt

Character: Scenic paddle with gentle rapids

Suits: Anything that Floats

This is a lovely paddle with greay views and some really nice rapids along the way. Its major hardship is the willows along the way, these need to be looked out for, otherwise a great paddle.

I can be done as a day trip, but again an overnight would make it better.

Robert Billing May 16, 2016 - Did this on 15/5/2016. The description above is accurate. The Barkly River from the bridge is fast and fun. The Macalister is really wide and scenic. There were plenty of rapids and only short flat sections. The rapids are mainly wide with maybe four decent drops. The rest of the rapids are pretty gentle. We took 3 hours to go from the Glencairn bridge to a get out point just below the Wellington River confluence. Heaps of pebble beaches along the way and some great rock outcrops to admire.

Putting In: From Melbourne, head east on the Princess Hwy to Traralgon. Follow the signs to Heyfield and then to Licola. Once you get to Licola, go through town and follow the roadout the other side of town.After about 8 km, a road forks off to the right, follow this to Primrose gap, turn left and down to the Barkly River. Where you cross the Barkly is the get in point, from here you can walk down to the macalister, but why walk when you can paddle down the Barkly.

Taking Out: You can get out at any place, but Licola is easy.

Map: 1:50000 Licola Wellington

Camping: Plenty at start, along the way and further down

Entry Date: 29 July 2004

Verified Date: 16 May 2016

Verified by: Robert Billing


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