Mitta Mitta River Lower

Roadside stop to Mitta Mitta Caravan Park

Unverified! Easy Touring Intermediate Dam Release Summer Spring CLASS I CLASS II CLASS III


North East Victoria. 10 km from Mitta Mitta

Contributed by Peter Ohman


Class: I - II & III

Season: Summer (when irrigation water is being released from Dartmouth Dam)

Gradient: 1.5mts / km

Time: 2 to 5 hours

Length: 13kms

Level: 1.2 @ Colemans (BOM Rainfall & River Conditions)

Shuttle: 10kms sealed road

Character: Lots of overhanging willow trees

Suits: All types of canoes & kayaks

There are 2 good rapids in the first few kilometers, then after Callaghan Creek or Watchingorra Creek at the Witches Garden the standard decreases to 1 to 2, this point might be a good spot to start an easy trip.

The river is very over grown & as the level of the river goes down the only paddleable part of the river tends to be under the trees. The river tends to remain at this standard to Lake Hume, with a few grade 2 between Mitta & Mitta North.

In normal years they let water out of Dartmouth Dam from January to March. There is no such thing as a normal year these days.

Snowy Creek is canoeable for much of the year in normal years.

Putting In: Roadside Stop or Callaghans Creek

Taking Out: Magorra Caravan Park Mitta Mitta

Camping: Magorra Caravan Park Mitta Mitta or beside the river

Entry Date: April 22 2012


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