Murrumbidgee River

Pine Island to Kambah Pools

Verified! Intermediate Play Boating Autumn Winter Spring CLASS IV


Southern NSW. 10 km South West of Canberra

Contributed by Michael Lyons


Class: IV

Season: June through till October

Time: 2 – 4 Hours

Length: 9 km approx

Level: 1.2 to 2.5 m

Gauge: Mt McDonald (B.O.M.)

Shuttle: 14 km easy (bitumen)

Character: A river with a bit of everything for everyone, open and hilly countryside, drops, gorges and all within hailing distance of Canberra.

Suits: River running kayaks and C1’s

This section has all the great attributes of a river, close to town, great scenery, brilliant rapids to run and the oh my god scary thing, in this case it is known has Red Rocks Gorge or Chasm.

The river warms you up, gives you a thrill and then gives a chance to cool down and talk about the wonders of life, and there is a track that runs along river right for its entire length. The rapids on this river are excellent and quite demanding of attention, both for their beauty and their technical difficulty; this is no bouncy ride down rapids.

The Red Rocks Gorge is quite noticeable and it is recommended that you do not paddle it, either portage on river left in low water or run river left in high water. The Gorge itself has been run but general opinion is that in low water you will probably get pinned and in high water the hydraulics will hold you longer than you can hold your breath.

This is a good playing river and it is worth taking your time on it, so that you can really enjoy yourself.

Putting In: Access is via the Tuggeranong Parkway, follow it south until you reach Tuggeranong –the parkway becomes Drakeford Drive--, follow the signs for Pine Island.

Taking Out: Go back out onto the Parkway and turn left –heading back towards Canberra Central--. Turn left at Sulwood Drive –in Kambah—and follow the signs for Kambah.

Camping: There is camping of sorts further upstream from Pine Island at the Point hut crossing –5 km upstream--, otherwise Tharwa is an ideal and beautiful place to camp.

Entry Date: 7 June 2001


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