Picton River

Upper Bridge to Tahune

Easy Touring Play Boating Summer Autumn Winter Spring CLASS II


East Coast. 80 km South of Hobart

Contributed by Michael Lyons


Class: II (III)

Season: All Year Round

Time: 1.5 hours

Length: 7 km

Level: .7m to 2 m

Gauge: Tahune Bridge

Shuttle: 7 km bitumen and dirt.

Character: Beautiful Rain forest, wide open rapids and great surf waves...

Suits: Any White water boat.

A mini gorge punctuates this wonderful trip. The gorge contains a large hole that only gets bigger as the level increases.

This is a great paddle on any level, at lower levels the river is a very scenic paddle with lots of long rapids to add spice to an otherwise relaxing trip, as the level increases the rapids get bigger and longer and the holes and waves likewise.

At the higher level, this river is play heaven, with many holes and waves to play on, but this is a big river and as the level goes up, it becomes a very pushy and cold river, so treat with great respect.

For a shorter trip, there is a bridge half way down the river.

The shuffle can be done on a bike in about 40 mins.

Putting In: The drive to the get in is via Geevston, it is now well signposted due to the Tahune forest walk. Just before the air walk is a turning to the left (signposted South Picton Rd), follow this and veer left again along the Picton Rd until you come to the top bridge. This is the get in point, a staircase leads down onto some rocks.

Taking Out: Drive to the Tahune Air Walk, the bridge is the get out point.

Map: Huon 1:100000

Camping: By the side of the road.

Entry Date: 1 may 2002


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