Shoalhaven River

Welcome Reef to Peggies Gully (powerlines)

Verified! Intermediate Summer Autumn Winter Spring Rain Run! CLASS III CLASS IV


Southern Highlands. Nerriga

Contributed by Brent Easton


Class: III - IV

Season: Any

Gradient: 10m/km

Time: 2-6 hours

Length: 7km

Level: 0.9 to 1.3 good level, above 1.3 class 4+ paddlers

Gauge: Hillview. Do not trust it, also look at surrounding rainfall

Shuttle: 1 hour

Character: Safe pool drop, easy scouting, easy portaging and few dangers.

Suits: White water boats

The put-in at Welcome Reef is reached by portaging from the road down a creek adjacent to a property.

Alternate put-in is at Oallens Ford which adds approximately 6 kms of flat flowing water with the occasional grade 2 rapid.

Below Welcome Reef, the fun begins with numerous grade III and IV rapids. Typically clean, river-wide drops of 1-2m with several lines to choose from, culminating in 4m Rodeo falls just above the junction with the Corang River.

A couple of rapids (Double Drop, Pimple) are longer and more challenging. Long pools below each rapid allow for easy collection of debris. Overall, a magnificent section of river and a great introduction to big water for intermediate paddlers.

Technical difficulty increases up to a level of about 1.2m. Rapids have easier lines from 1.3m, but large holes and boils start to form.

A small, experienced team with a guide will paddle this in 1-2 hours. Add an additional hour each for no guide, inexperienced paddlers, large groups, filming stops.

Take out river right under the power lines and carry boats 120m vertically up a small ridge just after Peggys Gully. This is a difficult, strenuous climb with poor footing, especially after rain.

High Clearance 4WD's can be driven to the edge of the gorge, otherwise park at the ford over Bindi Brook, about 800m from the gorge edge.

It also possible to arrange to walk out river left (easier walk), paddle the next rapid, round a left hand bend to find a small beach and track. The land owner charges per paddler to cover road maintenance on this route and will also ferry cars back to Oallen for an additional cost.

Andrew Pope November 15, 2013 - River access has changed hands. The property on river left Is owned by and still supportive of kayakers. There is a fee to Access the river, but is worth it just to support these guy who brought property to keep access to an awesome river. 

Contacting in advance is a must as gates are locked and owners are not always there, but a good chance if there is water in the river someone will be there Mobile 0425178218  The land line for Never Die is 02 48445957

Putting In: Welcome Reef (GR Oallen 725048, 35.163117S 149.992132E) or Oallen Ford (GR Oallen 695063, 35.149740S 149.958873E)

Taking Out: Pegies Gully powerlines. Public / Private, a 4WD is recommended and will save a long walk. Turn left after Nerriga and Endick River. Peggys Gully Powerlines (GR Endrick 768088, 35.126227S 150.035627E).

Map: 1:25K Oallen (88271S), Endrick (89274S)

Google Map:

Camping: Oalen Ford, 5 to 10 minutes upstream of out in.

Entry Date: 11 February 2011

Verified Date: 11 February 2011

Verified by: Shaun McManamny


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