Snowy Creek

Gauge to Mitta Mitta Township

Verified! Easy Touring Winter Spring CLASS II


North East Victoria. 8 km south of Mitta Mitta

Contributed by Mandy Lake


Class: II+

Season: Winter through till Spring

Gradient: 6mts / km

Time: 3 - 4 hours

Length: 9.5km

Level: Best between 0.9 and 1.5 m

Gauge: 8km on the side of the road heading towards Omeo from Mitta Mitta

Shuttle: Easy 10min on sealed road

Character: Many different features from boulder gardens to narrow races.

Suits: Any white water boat

This section is wider than the section above and has less wood in there. It is a clean fun paddle with beautiful scenery.

Peter Ohman - April 14 2012 - This section can be paddled as low as 0.8, recommend plastic kayaks below 1.0 mts. The grade is high 3 at lower levels and can be paddled all year round, some years. Plenty of bush camping between river & road or at Mitta Mitta township.

Charlie Eager - May 11 2015 - There is a large tree across and in the river, on bend near roadside. Can be passed on far river left. Portaging would be necessary below 1.18m, be careful.

Putting In: At the gauge beside the road

Taking Out: Can take out at Mitta Mitta however the last 1km is flat and not very exciting. Recomend driving up the road a 1km and finding a pull out there.

Camping: Can camp at Walnuts Camp Ground around 7 km up stream from the put in.

Entry Date: 16 November 2004

Verified Date: 16 November 2004

Verified by: Michael Lyons


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