Allyn River

Ladies Well Section

Verified! Intermediate Rain Run! CLASS III


NSW Hunter Region. Dungog

Contributed by Allen Garda


Class: III / III+

Time: 2-3hrs

Length: 1km to 10km+

Level: minimum ~1.5m (Allyn River @ Halton gauge)

Gauge: Halton

Shuttle: River is roadside, shuttle by car / bike / hitchhike / walk depending how far you paddle

Character: Consistent small rapids through bedrock

Suits: Playboats, river runners, creek boats

The Allyn River at Ladies Well runs beside the road the entire way. You need a lot of rain for this river to run, but there's also a flood detour, so when it's way too high you can still get to the river easily.

Most of the main rapids can be scouted from the roadside before you suit up. The Ladies Well waterfall is the main rapid, with one of the larger rapids just above it and another not far below it.

Above Ladies Well is a rapid going under a bridge, this is also one of the bigger rapids. If you're comfortable with what you can see here, the rest of the river is fine. The river isn't extremely steep but it is narrow and consistent. There are a lot of low angle slides around 5-10m long.
The river is narrow enough in many places that one tree could fall and block the entire width of the river, and it runs through rain forest where falling trees are common, so take care.

There are some wire fences down where the river begins to flatten out and there are some farm properties which you will see. Take care here or get out before you paddle past the first farm property.

My original Allyn River write up

Johannes Hendriks January 29, 2015 - Ran successfully at 1.4m and had a good day out. Little scratchy in places but all the big rapids were moving nicely. Take note that there is a log in one of the earlier rapids (still runable), and three more river width tree hazards. We cleared one other hazard. Due to its steep and continuous nature (over 25m/km) section would become grade 4 at very high flows. 

Allyn River. Copyright Johannes Hendriks 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Allyn River. Copyright Johannes Hendriks 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Putting In: As far as you can drive upstream beside the river.

Taking Out: As far down as you want to paddle.

Camping: Multiple camping areas around Ladies Well.

Entry Date: April 01 2013

Verified Date: January 29 2015

Verified by: Johannes Hendriks


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