Campaspe River

Turpin's Falls

Verified! Steep Creek Advanced Waterfalls Rain Run! CLASS IV


Central Victoria. 20 km north east of Kyneton

Contributed by Jarred Atkin


Class: IV

Season: After heavy rain

Gradient: 9m vertical

Time: 5 min

Level: 1.2 min, 1.5 ideal

Gauge: Campaspe River @ Redesdale

Shuttle: None

Character: Park and Huck

Suits: Boats that like vertical drops

Easy walk to a very sweet waterfall with a deep pool.

Put in anywhere above the waterfall, and run the river right chute.

There is a rock about 2m down the drop that you have to watch as it tends to kick the boat out flat.

At 1.5m this was not an issue at all, and the drop was easy.

With a lot of water the left side would be runnable, you'd just have to get the line right to miss the rocks on the drop.

Turpin's Falls at 1.47m. Copyright 2010 Jarred Atkin. All Rights Reserved.
Turpin's Falls at 1.47m. Copyright 2010 Jarred Atkin. All Rights Reserved.

Shane Pennicuik August 19, 2010 - Did this drop at two different levels, 1.48 was sweet and easy, 1.32 was still good to go but the rock comes into play (I did half a donkey flip and landed on my head, but don't worry 2 out of the 4 of us landed OK).

The left line looks alright at 1.48 but a bit on the sketchy side as the consequences of a misjudged line would not be pretty. If it's up, get out there!!!

Turpin's Falls. Copyright 2010 Shane Pennicuik . All Rights Reserved.
Turpin's Falls. Copyright 2010 Shane Pennicuik . All Rights Reserved.

Shane Pennicuik July 14, 2012 - We ran Turpins Falls again on the 12/07/2012 at the best level we have done it yet. It was 1.48m.

At that level it was the safest level our crew has done it. Its high enough to go straight over the rock at the lip which at lower levels can send you out flat but not too high to be too pushy or hard to handle the lead in.

I'd say its still class 4 as a mistake on the lead in could be very bad, and it has a few curlers and diagonals that can push you a bit off line.

Heres a Quick vid to show my first run where I got pushed further right then I had planed to be. More water would equal even safer and easier lines, until a point then it gets really nasty at super high levels.

Putting In: From Melbourne get on the Calder Fwy towards Bendigo. Take the Kyneton exit and head north on the Heathcote-Kyneton Road. After about 11km take a left onto East Metcalfe-Langley Road. Continue until the T intersection and take a right (Shillidays Road). After about 1.2km take a right at the road signposted 'Turpin's Falls'. Park

Taking Out: Same as Put In.

Entry Date: 19 August 2010

Verified Date: 19 August 2010

Verified by: Shane Pennicuik


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