Leycester Creek

Hanging Rock Falls

Unverified! Intermediate Play Boating Waterfalls Rain Run! CLASS III


Northern Rivers. Nimbin

Contributed by Ben Webb


Class: III

Season: After heavy rain

Time: 10 seconds

Length: 3m Vertical

Level: If it looks good to go

Shuttle: Climb back up using the sling you hook around rock on river left

Character: Park n Huck

Suits: Playboats

If everything south of here is too high to run, or if you are short on time then it's a bit of fun. Not particularly difficult in any way, straight forward drop, is nice for boof practice or to 'experiment' with new ways of going over a drop.

Hanging Rock Falls. Copyright Ben Webb 2013. All Rights Resrved.

River right chute looks like it would go, probably a bit boney, and nothing special anyways. You would want to move the rope out of the way first. A good way to salvage an afternoon that may have otherwise been thwarted, and though some may disagree with this philosophy- a good way to avoid wasting the day.

Putting In: Turn off Kyogle Road at the Border Ranges Centre into Link Road. When road forks go left. Park at signposted area on Williams Road, 50m South of Junction with Link Road.

Taking Out: Back track the same way you came in.

Camping: There was camping signposted nearby


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