Nymboida River

Buccarumbi to Jackadery

Unverified! Easy Touring Summer Autumn CLASS II


North East. Grafton

Contributed by Scott Godwin


Class: II(p)

Season: November - May

Gradient: Gentle

Time: 2-3 Days

Length: 44 km

Level: Minimum 1.35m best at around 1.5 - 2 m

Gauge: Nymboida downstream

Shuttle: Easy 1.5 hours

Character: Easy multi-day trip, mostly flatwater with a handful of grade II - IV rapids

Suits: Whitewater touring kayaks, Canadian canoes

This is an excellent scenic trip that can be done in two long days or three easy days. Put in at the bridge on the old Glen Innes to Grafton Road. The first day of paddling from here to Ramornie consists of mostly flat water, with multiple riffles and grade I-II rapids.

The first major rapid is encountered on the second day at Cundlebung creek. This is a dangerous grade IV rapid consisting of a narrow 2m drop followed by a short sweeping left hand bend and a second 2m drop. It may be runnable at higher water levels but is best portaged via the left bank at lower levels.

The section between Cundlebung creek and the Junction contains three easy grade II-III rapids. The first is Exhibition falls, with a clean line on the right followed by a large wave train. The rocky rapid further downstream may be difficult for inexperienced paddlers or large canoes to negotiate at low levels and can be portaged via the left bank flood channel.

There is a good campsite on river left on the northern bank of the Mann where it joins the Nymboida.

Immediately below the large junction pool is the giant boulder garden known as Bridal Veil Falls. At low water level it can be negotiated on the left hand side by paddling/sliding/dragging the boats over the rocks. This rapid is reported to be a grade III at moderate river levels and a grade IV at higher levels.

New Zealand falls is a grade III-IV rapid consisting of a single 2m drop, with a lot of turbulence at the bottom created by the narrowing of the river between two large boulders. The right hand side of the drop is clean and has been successfully run in Canadian canoes. The falls can be portaged via the right bank.

Paddling from here to Jackadgery takes about 2 hours. Unless you have a capable 4WD, its best to ask the owners of the caravan park for permission to bring your vehicle to the top of the track down to the left hand bank and walk the boats up the track.

Scott Taylor December 26, 2015 -  If putting in at Ramornie, levels as low as 0.97m make all rapids except Bridal Veil completely runable in whitewater kayaks. Compared with a level of 1.26m -1.33 m waves and holes were more surfable at 0.97m (in a playboat).

Putting In: Old Grafton - Glen Innes Road

Taking Out: Jackadgery Caravan Park

Map: Buccarumbi (9438-3-N), Gundahl (9438-3-S) & Jackadgery (9438-4-N) 1:25000

Camping: There are plenty of camping options between Buccarumbi and Cundlebung creek, including Ramornie campground (not recommended during busy periods like Easter). Camping between Cundlebung Creek and the Mann River junction is extremely limited due to the steep gorge walls. There is an excellent campsite at the Junction.

Entry Date: July 10 2007


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