Yarra River

Warrandyte Bridge to Pound Bend

Verified! Easy Touring Intermediate Summer Autumn Winter Spring CLASS I CLASS II


Melbourne. Warrandyte

Contributed by David Matters


Class: I+ - low II

Season: Year round, summer can be very boney

Gradient: Minimal

Time: 2 Hours

Length: Approx. 6km

Level: 0.75 & above is best - boney @ lower levels

Gauge: Warrandyte Bridge

Shuttle: 20 Min on sealed road

Character: Easy going trip past historic (Pound Bend) gold mining tunnel

Suits: Beginner kayaker, open canoe.

The Pound Bend tunnel is 15m long paddling this would cut considerable time off your trip but...is there a hazard inside the tunnel that I can not see? And why am I in such a rush?

The reality is at low levels the risks lessen, but at high levels in 2005 a man in his 20's drowned in the tunnel.

There is a 2ft high ledge inside the tunnel and a strange leftward dog leg hydraulic at the outlet...sharp rocks.

Reasonably low stress trip with a few bigger rapids, ie the Bakery rapid, Police rapid and the Pound rapid. A nice step up from totally flat water.

Capsize on a few of the rapids is common.

Hans van Meurs August 26, 2013 - The tunnel is a lot longer than 15m.

Peter Cohen December 12, 2015 - The whole trip is 6.2km long (not 12km). The tunnel is 145m long (not 15m).

Putting In: Warrandyte Bridge

Taking Out: Pound Bend Reserve

Map: Melways

Camping: Possibly Long Ridge Campground, maybe locked.

Entry Date: June 22 2007

Verified Date: June 22 2007

Verified by: Colin Kneebone


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