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Class: IV (V - VI)(p)

Character: This has to be one of the classic paddles in Australia. Set in a steep sided valley, surrounded by towering mountains and containing some of the most beautiful and most spectacular rapids you can find.


Class: IV - V

Character: Medium volume creek run with continuous high quality rapids

New South Wales

Class: IV – V – VI

Character: Big Volume, steep, pushy rapids through huge granite boulder gardens and bedrock.

New South Wales

Class: IV - V(p)

Character: Superb deep granite gorge with numerous waterfalls and steep bouldery rapids and chutes.


Class: IV- V (p)

Character: Very steep alpine river that plunges through a narrow gorge with seven big waterfalls and lots of tight bouldery rapids


Class: III - IV

Character: Drop Pool with a few rock gardens

Western Australia

Class: V

Character: Technical and steep paddling in the tropics.


Class: III+ - IV (V)

Character: Large river in a steep sided valley with steep rapids

New South Wales

Class: IV, V (p)

Character: Steep creek, waterfalls

New South Wales

Class: III to V when flooding

Character: Steep & shallow creek even in flood

New South Wales