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  2. Fill in the entry form below...


If your video file is too large for a free Vimeo account (500MB+), you can use a file sharing service like Dropbox which gives you 2GB for FREE.


If you do use a file sharing service, please provide the Dropbox link (and the password if required) in the 'Vimeo' field below.

There are a variety of other file sharing services available which would also work --- simply search Google for 'free file sharing' to find them!

Alternatively, burn your video(s) to CD/DVD or save your video(s) on a USB stick/Flash Drive and post it (along with your name and contact details) to...

AdventurePro Video Film Festival
7 Table Top Rd 
Bridge Creek Victoria 3723

Questions? No problem, simply email video@adventurepro.com.au and we'll happily help with whatever you need!

Event Rules / Guidelines...

  • Entries for the AdventurePro Video Film Festival presented by the Australian Camps Association will close at 11pm on Sunday, April 3 2016!
  • Videos must feature Australian &/or New Zealand Outdoor Adventure --- or, Aussies and Kiwis adventuring overseas!
  • Videos must be in keeping with AdventurePro's publishing standards (i.e. no nudity, violence, hatred, harassment or sexual references --- coarse language is discouraged and will be 'bleeped')
  • No breaches of copyright allowed! All content must be your own or used with the consent of the owner, including music! Please see the Resources page for information on, and links to, Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects!
  • Videos should be between 2 and 15 minutes in length!
  • All videos must meet Vimeo's Guidelines!
  • Your video resolution should be 1920 x 1080 pixels (preferred!) or 1280 x 720 pixels (minimum!).
  • Videos must be either 24 (or 23.976), 25 or 30 (or 29.97) frames per second (FPS).
  • When exporting your video(s) for upload, we recommend a bitrate of between 8,000 kbps to 12,000 kbps (8 Mbps - 12 Mbps). Please don't go below 6,000 kbps (6 Mbps) as videos at this bitrate have only 'just enough' quality for the digital cinema screenings! And, please note that there is no noticeable improvement in quality above 12,000 kbps (12 Mbps), but, your video will take a LOT longer to export, upload and for us to download (and you may have trouble viewing it on your computer) which may cause unnecessary stress and frustration.
  • We MUST be able to download your video! Please ensure you allow your video to be downloaded in your Vimeo Profile via 'My Settings' or your video's 'Privacy Settings'.
  • Please contact us via video@adventurepro.com.au if you need help with video resolution, frame-rates, bitrates or other settings? We love to help and will not bite you!
  • Mansfield-Mt Buller High Country Adventure category entries must feature footage captured within Mansfield Shire boundaries! AND, by entering this category you are agreeing to provide Mansfield Shire Council with full rights to use any images or moving footage to promote the Mansfield / Mt Buller region.
  • By entering a video, you are giving consent for AdventurePro to add your video to our 'AdventurePro Video Film Festival' album on Vimeo, to publicly screen your video as part of a festival compilation, to feature 'shorts' and 'stills' from your video in AdventurePro Video Film Festival promotions and to include your video on a DVD which AdventurePro may sell or rent. Note that all proceeds from sales / rentals of any festival DVD will go directly towards funding the event into the future.

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