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Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects...


If you are looking for royalty free music and / or sound effects to use in your production, you should check the following websites out first...

Please make sure you adhere to the terms and conditions of use when downloading and using music or sounds from the above websites --- some are available free, some under a Creative Commons License (also free but with specific crediting requirements) and some require payment!

Plus, you will also find a large number of other websites offering royalty free music for download (with varying terms and conditions) by searching Google (or other search engines) for "royalty free music download" or similar terms.

You may also be able to find up-and-coming bands or musicians who are willing to allow their music to be used if you mention them in the credits, again, by searching online or contacting them directly and asking for permission!

We strongly encourage you to credit the creator / owner / composer / musician in your videos' credits as per the requirements of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) as a minimum --- e.g 'Music Title' Copyright © 'Creator' [used under Creative Commons License 'version' --- if available and appropriate].

Note that some music and sounds are available under a different Creative Commons License version, in which case the requirements of that version should be met.

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